Marine Megafauna: Attention, Response, Ecology and Society

Researchers, authorities, advisers, institutions and volunteer citizens committed to marine life


- Learn about strandings

-Rescue,rehabilitation, management, research and conservation of marine fauna, with dissemination and education to society are part of our work


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MMARES, AC (Marine Megafauna: Attention, Rescue, Ecology and Society) is a group made up of individuals from different institutions (PROFEPA, CICIMAR, UABCS, MUSEO DE LA BALLENA Y CIENCIAS DEL MAR, SOMEMMA) and volunteers dedicated to research, conservation and dissemination of marine megafauna, with a special focus on marine mammals and strandings. This association arises from our activities carried out since 2012, as members of the MM La Paz Stranding Network, in order to continue developing our functions from a more solid platform and accessing more options such as funding for research, conservation and collaborations.


To be a leading, transparent, trustworthy, honest and innovative organization in the conservation of aquatic biodiversity, which contributes to the formation of a cultural sustainability within society in order to instill environmental values that allow recognizing the importance of aquatic resources and of its importance in the development of sustainable societies. This will be achieved through collaboration with instances of the three levels of government, as well as national and foreign institutions such as universities, research centers, and different sectors of civil society. Actions of education, training, technical assistance, development of studies and projects, managing or providing resources to achieve conservation, management, sustainable use of species and derivatives of aquatic biodiversity will be promoted.





Do you want to help?

MMARES AC is a non-profit association. All expenses for equipment, logistics, rehabilitation and maintenance of animals are absorbed by the founding partners.


Be part of this great project and get donor benefits. Any contribution is important to support our work. No matter how small your contribution is, it is welcome.

We appreciate it!


Logotipo Dr Dolphin-1.png

Our friends at Dr. Dolphin made beautiful bracelets and shirts to collect voluntary contributions for support us in our work. Families who attend to their activities and like to help us get them.


MMARES, AC deeply appreciates the initiative of Daniel Monzón, his team, Dr. Dolphin and the families for making these a reality. All contributions will be used directly in our marine fauna rescue, research, monitoring, dissemination and conservation activities.


Dr. Dolphin is located in Silao, Gto. It has the project “Sponsor an Angel” in which children with disabilities receive assisted therapy with dolphins, being a great help to them.


Infinite thanks !!!


marine mammals stranding mmares ac mexico


logo pinnvest.jpg
Logotipo Dr Dolphin-1.png
varamiento cetáceo lobo marino delfín ballena

Under permission of PROFEPA


Contact us

* If you find a stranding, contact PROFEPA (Tel. 1220787), 911 so they can make contact or directly with us at the following numbers: 6121556609 or 6123482155

marine mammals stranding mmares ac mexico

varamiento cetáceo lobo marino delfín ballena

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